Feb 02, 2024

Planning for an Outer Banks Vacation for the Whole Family

Planning ahead for all family members

When vacationing with the whole family, seniors and little ones alike, it’s smart to plan ahead so that elderly parents or grandparents feel welcome, accommodated, safe and relaxed during their trip. The Outer Banks is a wonderful place that offers sunshine and a calming environment for all, and with the proper planning before arrival, a vacation with elderly family members is possible. 

We’ll go through a few planning steps that will help you prepare for your upcoming vacation. 

Make sure your home amenities fit the accommodations that you need

Questions to think about are: Will your family need an elevator to use? Can all family members use the steps in and out of the house? Will you need to be close to a beach access with a ramp available? 

On each property details’ page, you can find a home layout and a satellite map with the home’s location. With that, you can plan ahead of which bedroom each family member can use, and how accessible the rest of the house will be. And with the map satellite, you can see how close you are to a nearby beach access and how walkable the community is. 

golf cart family

Transportation Preferences

Consider renting a golf-cart to allow for more transportation for your family. Golf carts can be great for a quick ride to the beach or to visit nearby stores. Check out ZoomAround for your golf cart rental needs! Be sure to double check that your community allows golf carts. 

If someone in your family might need a beach wheelchair, they are available on the Outer Banks. This allows individuals easy access to our beautiful beaches, and allows for easy transportation for individuals who might need assistance or need to avoid the hot sand. There are free beach wheelchairs available at the following locations, and they are first come first serve. Thank you to Ocean Atlantic Rentals for donating these to our community. You can contact the following to find out more information: 

Here is a list of public beach and sound accesses that have handicap parking, paved parking, and a wood walkway to the beach, check them out here. 

And, there are currently two beach accesses that have portable nonslip mats. These are placed for people with disabilities, walkers and elderly visitors. Here are those accesses: Eighth Street Public Beach Access and Jennette’s Pier Public Beach Access. 

If you are staying on the northern beaches in Currituck County, here is information on the public beach access ramp at Corolla Village Road that features handicap spaces, a paved walkway, and an ADA-compliant dune walkover directly onto the beach. 

Making Memorable Experiences

When planning for a vacation with the whole family, you want to make sure that you’re able to create memories to last a lifetime. When thinking about how to make the vacation special for everyone, try to plan for activities that you can all do together. Maybe that’s enjoying your morning coffee together, hosting a seafood boil at your house, hiring a local photographer to take family portraits, or watching a classic movie in your home’s theater room together

Recommended activities for the whole family

The Outer Banks has many Fishing Piers that are walkable and accessible. If you’re looking to do some fishing during your vacation, these are great spots to try out as they have resources available (to buy bait, materials, or get local advice). If you’re not into fishing, it is still fun to walk the pier, check out what’s biting, and see someone with their catch of the day. Each pier offers scenic ocean views that are beautiful to witness. 

  • Check out these Piers: Kitty Hawk Pier, Avalon Pier, Nags Head Fishing Pier, Jennette’s Pier, and the Outer Banks Fishing Pier. 
pier blue water

If you have never seen the Corolla Wild Horses, definitely plan to do this on your next vacation! These magnificent animals roam freely on the northernmost Outer Banks beaches. You can book a guided tour for the best experience, and we recommend using the experienced guides at Wild Horse Adventure Tours. The tour guides take you up on the 4×4 beaches in modified H1 Hummers with comfortable seats. These guides are knowledgeable on the Corolla Wild Horses and experienced 4×4 beach drivers. Wild Horse Adventure Tours are great for all ages. Even the tiniest of OBX visitors will have a great experience and be in awe of the free-roaming horses.   

Speaking of wild animals, many wild Atlantic bottlenose dolphins call the Outer Banks sound their home. We recommend booking a dolphin tour with Captain Johnny’s Dolphin Tours, as their guides are experienced and knowledgeable about these dolphins in their natural habitat. It’s very exciting for all ages getting to see these animals in the wild. 

The Outer Banks offers some of the best sunsets. One location that is accessible to watch the sunset from is the Duck Town Boardwalk. Not only does the boardwalk offer beautiful views of the waterfront, but a peaceful spot to walk and experience the best show on earth.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Vacation Specialists

If you have a specific question for planning a vacations with seniors, about a home amenity, or just want to talk your vacation plans over with an Outer Banks local; please chat with us on our website, call (866) 457-1190, or text us at (252) 888-2598, we are happy to help!

Emily Pack

Emily Pack

Feb 02, 2024

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