Aug 28, 2019

All the Pretty Corolla Wild Horses

Take the Trip of a Lifetime to See the Horses

There’s wild horses just roaming around, there’s ocean to your right, sound to your left. 

Driving north on route 12 through Corolla, past the Currituck Lighthouse, the pavement ends and a unique part of the Outer Banks begins. Referred to as the 4×4 beaches, this approximately 13-mile stretch of sand is home to the Corolla Wild Horses. These magnificent animals roam freely on the northernmost Outer Banks beaches. 


While the horses are a special sight to see, it’s important to remember that they are wild animals. As with many wild animals, they may not be openly visible just by driving onto the 4×4 beaches. Seeing these Colonial Spanish Mustangs freely roaming on the beach could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We recommend booking a guided wild horse tour for a better chance of catching a glimpse of the horses. 

Corolla Wild Horses

Book A Guided Tour for the Best Experience


The experienced guides at Wild Horse Adventure Tours are considered to be local experts on the Corolla Wild Horses. Tour guides take you up the 4×4 beaches in modified H1 Hummers with comfortable seats. Guides are knowledgable on the Corolla Wild Horses and experienced 4×4 beach drivers. Driving on the 4×4 beaches alone can be tricky for inexperienced drivers. Booking a horse tour gives you peace of mind and allows you and your family to relax and get the most from your trip onto the 4×4 beaches of the Outer Banks. 


Your Wild Horse Adventure Tour guide will share a wealth of local information and personal stories, a lot of intriguing information that you cannot find anywhere else. The history of the Colonial Spanish Mustangs in Corolla, theories on how they got here, and more are sure to be discussed. 

Wild Horse Adventure Tours are great for all ages. Even the tiniest of OBX visitors will have a great experience and be in awe of the free-roaming horses. Horse tour guides, like Ryan, are friendly, dedicated, and ready to give you a unique view of the northernmost part of the Outer Banks.

Twiddy & Company

Twiddy & Company

Aug 28, 2019

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