Dec 11, 2023

Happy Holidays: A Note of Gratitude from Twiddy & Company

Thank You for Trusting Us With Your Outer Banks Vacation

As the year comes to a close and we wrap up our celebrations around forty-five years in business, it’s entirely fitting that we end the year on a simple note of gratitude to our treasured guests.

As an independent second-generation family company, we recognize the very competitive nature of your travel options on the Outer Banks and we deeply appreciate your continued trust in our professional team as we go about serving up memories worthy of a lifetime.

On behalf of a wonderful community of engaged and experienced homeowners, we’re fortunate to have been able once again this year to welcome quite a few growing families back to the Outer Banks. We’ve also been able to stay entirely local in both our operations and our ownership–your memories are served by people who live, work, learn, and play all within this spectacular natural environment.  

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As a reflection of your trust, we’ve been able to shine good things back into this community that we all share. This all begins, of course, with a great team that we’ve been able to recruit, retain, promote, and develop as some of the most experienced vacation rental professionals anywhere on Planet Earth.

And while we’re proud of our achievements–being featured just this past month as a small business at Harvard Business School was a treat–those achievements are always simply a reflection of good people working hard together to create value for other people who have chosen to trust us with some of their precious family dreams. Your trust, we’ve learned along the way, is the best achievement of all.

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As your loved ones gather over the holidays, we hope you share together joy, happiness, good health, and good memories. We stand ready to welcome you back to the Outer Banks, with children just a bit bigger than last year, with a growing tradition along our shores, and the sound knowledge that we’ll be here to help you plan your next trip. 

Above all, we recognize the privilege of your trust. Around our own local family tables this holiday season, that is a gift that we will never cease to appreciate.

kids playing gratitude

Best wishes for joy in the New Year. And, if you need a taste of the Outer Banks, don’t forget our family’s famous oyster recipe.

Clark Twiddy, On Behalf of the Entire Working Family at Twiddy & Company

Courtney Wisecarver

Courtney Wisecarver

Dec 11, 2023

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