Jan 05, 2024

Beating the Winter Blues

Thinking about the days we were sun-kissed on the beach

During this time of the year, it’s easy to start feeling some winter blues due to colder temperatures and the sun setting so early. You might be experiencing snowy weather, and thinking about the days that you were sun-kissed on the beach. We put together a list of ways to help you beat those winter blues.

neighborhood walks with children

1. Start planning your next vacation to the Outer Banks 


If you’re snowed in or don’t want to go outside due to the cold, you could start planning your next vacation on the Outer Banks. So, start thinking about what your family wants in a home, what town you’d like to stay in, and what home amenities you’d like to enjoy when you’re here. You can check out our blog on Tips & Tricks for Booking Your Outer Banks Vacation here.

Does your family want to have a theater room to catch up on your favorite shows? Or do you need the home to be pet-friendly so you can bring your dog to the beach? Looking for an oceanside home that is walkable to a community beach access? 

These are all questions that our Vacation Specialists can help you with! Please chat us on our website, call (866) 457-1190, or text us at (252) 888-2598, we are happy to help! 

reading a book on the beach

2. Read some books that’ll get you ready for summer

Start your summer reading list early this year! We asked our guests for their favorite beach reads for 2023, and we compiled them into this blog. 

And, there are also books written about or inspired by the Outer Banks, and you can check out those recommendations here.

summer playlist

3. Plan your playlist for summer 2024 

Nothing says summer like putting together your summer playlist! Whatever your musical taste might be, add your favorite beach songs and make it collaborative with your family! Though you might all have different tastes, it can be fun to combine your favorite songs. 

Whether you’re thinking of a “Cruel Summer” (even though you might be feeling a “Snow On The Beach”) or having a “Party In The U.S.A.”, it’s fun to put together your favorite songs for the summer. 

4. Look through previous vacation photos

You can look back through photos from previous vacations and decide which ones might be fun to recreate! And, think about if your family wants to get beach portraits done, which is perfect for your next holiday card. You can check out some of our favorite local photographers here.

Our guests, The Twomey Family, have been staying at Decoy (B670) in Duck, NC for over 30 years. Check out some of their photos from over the years:

5. Who is designing the matching t-shirts for the family to wear? 

Whenever you go on vacation, you are bound to see some families wearing matching t-shirts during your stay. But, is it even a family vacation if you don’t have matching t-shirts to wear? Matching t-shirts are a great way to have fun, be creative, and preserve vacation memories for years to come. You can design and order your own customized shirts, or get matching t-shirts from a local store on the Outer Banks.  Check out some of our favorites here: 

Twiddy Field Service team

In all seriousness, we hope you are staying safe if you are snowed in or are experiencing bad weather. We look forward to welcoming your family soon on the Outer Banks to some beautiful weather!

You can start searching now for 2024 rentals here! 

Emily Pack

Emily Pack

Jan 05, 2024

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