The Twiddy OBX Beach Report

Take a look at our latest Outer Bank beach report from Duck, NC.

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Super Sunday on the OBX

We are proud of our home state Carolina Panthers. They rolled through the regular season with a 15-1 record, won the NFC South division, continued their dominance in the playoffs, and are headed to the Super Bowl for the 2nd time in franchise history. If you’re on the Outer Banks, and looking for a fun place to watch the Panthers take on the Broncos in Super Bowl 50, (Kickoff this Sunday, 2/7/16, at 6:30pm on CBS) we’ve got you covered from Corolla to Nags Head.



Cosmo’s Pizza in Corolla is a really cool pizza pub, located at 1159 Austin St. Cosmo’s Pizza is teaming up with Weeping Radish, for a “Get Pinked” Super Bowl viewing party and fundraiser. This Super Bowl party will feature $3 well drinks, $2 Bud/Bud Light, and Land Shark drafts. BBQ Chicken Sliders, cheese fries, and Weeping Radish hot dogs will also be available, with free chips and pretzels. T-Shirts, gift cards, and a free bar tab will be given away during the game. If you’re in Corolla, this is the place to be.


C129 - The Black Stallion

Locals love the The Roadside‘s backside bar, located at 1193 Duck Road.  Enjoy watching the game on their big screen TV under heated tents while relaxing around the fire pits. Roadside will make sure you stay happy regardless of your team’s score with their famous clam chowder, high-octane drinks, and an all you can eat oyster roast. Check their website for prices.

Kitty Hawk:


BK Shuckers is a fantastic sports and oyster bar, located at 4020 N. Croatan HWY. They have 17 big screen TV’s that make it easy to see the action from any seat in the house. There’s an outside patio that’s dog and smoker friendly, with plenty of TV’s for viewing the big game. BK Shuckers has a number of food and drink specials for the Super Bowl; $4 tall cans, $15 for a pitcher and huge plate of chicken nachos, plus great prizes, gift cards, and a Super Bowl 50 limited edition neon sign will be given away during the game.


Barefoot Bernie’s is located at 3730 N. Croatan HWY. They offer an extensive menu with tasty food and drink specials available during the Super Bowl. Bernie’s offers $2.99 Bud light bottles and drafts. Appetizers under $10 include the ahi tuna bowl, chili nachos, fried oyster sliders, and more. My gluten free friends will love Barefoot Bernie’s menu, as there is no shortage of great gluten free items from pizza to gluten free buns for your burger or sandwich. The seafood enchiladas are amazing!

Kill Devil Hills:


Jolly Roger is another favorite hangout for locals. Located at MP 6 & ¾ on the beach road (1836 N. Virginia Dare Trail), the Jolly Roger offers a 20% locals discount on regular priced food items, a free chili and nacho bar, $1 hot dogs, $2 pints of Busch Light, $2.75 domestics, and $4.50 well liquor. Jolly’s is also giving away a vacation getaway, to the best-dressed fan, to your choice of the Bahamas, or Dominican Republic.




Captain Georges is a fun and delicious seafood restaurant and bar located at 705 S. Croatan HWY. Super Sunday specials include their signature seafood buffet, at a reduced rate of $25. You can find pretty much everything you could possibly want on the buffet; Crab legs, oysters, salmon, beef, and a dessert tray that will blow you away. Numerous drink specials and big screen TV’s await you in the “Just George’s” sports bar.

Nags Head:

Style: "Agfa"

Kelly’s Restaurant and Tavern is an OBX hot spot located at 2316 S. Croatan HWY. Over 15 TV’s gives you plenty of vantage points to see the game, plus their tapas menu is on special for Super Sunday, with prices ranging from $4-$14, PBR on draft for $2, and $4 well drinks. Kelly’s also has a buffet available, with proceeds going to a scholarship fund with Charity Plus. You can get the buffet and make a scholarship contribution for $25, or pay $50 and get the buffet, scholarship contribution, and entry to a reverse raffle.

If you can’t enjoy the big game in the comfort of a Twiddy & Company rental, then grab a table or a barstool at one of the friendly establishments on our Super Sunday OBX list. Whether you’re rooting for the Broncos or Panthers, enjoy the game, from your friends at Twiddy & Company.

– Todd Bradley


OBX Vacation Memories: Twiddy’s 2015 Photo Contest


Time to vote for your favorite Outer Banks vacation photo contest entry!

Thank you to everyone who submitted their favorite vacation photos this year. We had a ton of fun looking through all of them and seeing the smiles and memories that were captured here.  Your pictures perfectly depict the magic of the Outer Banks.

The categories this year were as follows: KIDS, PETS, LIFESTYLE, and SCENIC. Twiddy & Company has enjoyed looking over these photo’s and choosing our personal favorites. Now it is your turn to participate! Browse through each category found in our Facebook Photo Albums, and LIKE your favorite photo from each category. For those of you that submitted a photo, don’t be afraid to SHARE your photo via Facebook so that all of your friends and family can vote!

Voting will take place Monday, February 1 – Friday, February 7 and the winners will be announced on Monday, March 7. The winner of each category will receive their prize winning photograph featured on a canvas; along with a bag of awesome Twiddy goodies!

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The Twiddy OBX Beach Report

Check out the latest Outer Banks beach report from Corolla, NC.

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24 Reasons Why We’re Addicted to the Outer Banks

That cool summer breeze. The surprise visitors. The local-catch seafood. The tight-knit community.  

These are just a few of the reasons why people are so darn happy here, if not addicted to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Everyone has a reason why they love it here, so we asked around town and this is what we found:

1. We practically live in one big zoo.

beach2008-4 045 (2).jpg

Pets are allowed on the beach. Horses roam free. Fox burrow in the dunes. Dolphins, whales, seals and turtles hug the coastline. There’s always a different bird around to sing you a tune. We’re so biologically diverse here that you will probably never see the same thing twice. 

2. 99.9% of restaurants serve fish tacos.



3. We get a cool breeze all summer long.


4. Family-owned businesses still rule the roost.


Big-box corporate chain stores are few and far between here on the OBX. Plus, how many places on earth let you get off early because the surf’s up or the fish will be biting?

5. There are no shortages of activities…


The beach is just the starting point.

6. …But no one will judge you if you don’t want to do anything.


7. We have a completely unobstructed view of the sunrise AND the sunset…


8. ...and the night sky.

Photo: JME – 2014 Guest Photo Contest Winner.  Location: Swan Beach.

9. We can get local anything.

Pine I-103.jpg

With all of the produce stands, fish markets, fresh-roast coffee shops, breweries, and BBQ shacks around, it’s not hard to find a local version of something you really enjoy.  Heck, there’s even a place that makes their own popsicles!

10. We’re in a world-class surf spot.

FHGhxoy - ImgurGood, consistent wind and sandbars make this THE place to surf on the east coast.

11. Everyone wants to visit you.


Don’t be surprised if someone shows up for a few days and it ends up staying a week. But at least they know to bring goodies from places you can’t get here like Bojangles, Chick-Fila, and Trader Joes.

12. Your friends are always close by…

Unless they’re in Colington. 

13. …and they (usually) LOVE to share the wealth.


Whether it’s a big fish haul,  your first free drink on the house, or just an extra taco, the excitement of sharing is real.  Around here what goes around comes around!

14. Love is always in the air.

Photo: Daniel Pullen.  Location: Wild Horse

From Donna, one of our employees, “I was 17 the summer of 1972 and was dating the man that would become my future husband.  We watched the fireworks on the 4th of July from the beach in Duck and we held hands and kissed.  It was wonderful.  We were married the following June and have celebrated 43 years of marriage (44 this June) here on the Outer Banks.  I wouldn’t want to be any other place. ” This could be YOU!

15. We take our holidays seriously.

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland 🎄@pouloschristmashouse #iloveobx #outerbanks

A video posted by Twiddy & Company Realtors (@twiddyobx) on

We tend to overdo it a little. Especially on St. Patty’s Day, July 4th, and Christmas.  If there’s a possibility to turn any holiday into a parade, we definitely will.

16. You can express your creative freedom.

Lifestyle (7).jpg

Our island draws expansive, possibility thinking, imaginatively creative individuals. Either through inspiration or necessity, the OBX will bring out of you who you really are, and creativity abounds in artists and entrepreneurs.

17. You can shop ’til you drop.


 18. Anyone can be a photographer.


Although some things are best left to the professionals.

19. Even the storms are fun to watch.


Except when we hear that “H” word. 

20. It’s practically empty here for half of the year.


Sans holidays, there’s practically no one here between October and March. Everyone you know who was hiding away all summer long suddenly crawls out of the woodwork and wants to do something.

21. We have a rich history.


Ever been on an airplane before?  Heard of the lost colony? Know who Blackbeard is?  These are just a few of our historical highlights. Everywhere you turn you’ll learn a little bit more, especially if you end up meeting someone who remembers the “good old days.”

22. No high-rises.


There is no city life here – and only one form of 5-o’clock shadow is allowed. With no high-rises, the sky is bigger and broader — and bluer. 

23. Lighthouses. 

Photo: Mel Mattingly. Location: Bodie Island Lighthouse

The Outer Banks is home to some of the most beautiful — and oldest — lighthouses in the country. They are markers of history, of navigation and our dreams.

24. We stick together.


We work together.  We have fun together. We sometimes even cry with each other.  The Outer Banks is one of the few utopian examples of what life would look like when a bunch of wonderful people live together in a tight-knit, happy and supportive community.

We hope this gave you a little insight as to why we’re so happy here.  Come join in on the fun!

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Week 8 #SHARETHEFORCE Photo Hunt Hint

C129 - The Black Stallion

The Star Wars Cast chose to venture into unseen territory for their 8th week of vacation on the OBX. The chosen rental was found in section A of the Ocean Sands Community which was unlike anything the group ever experienced on D’Qar. The newly built, 10 master bedroom, oceanfront home turned out to be the perfect choice! This Duck home included a gorgeous saltwater pool, outdoor ping pong table, poolside cabana & hot tub, where many days were spent soaking up the sun. Darth & Chewie enjoyed many bugless evenings out on the home’s screened porch where they relaxed & took in the fresh air while sipping Dagobah Swamp Sodas. Every evening after time spent outdoors, the group rallied and took advantage of popcorn & binge watching the unlimited Netflix streaming that this home offers.

It’s safe to say that the OBX empire struck back when they designed this home.

Happy Hunting Y’all!

Start Searching for Chewbacca and Stormtrooper Right Now. 

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Week 7 #SHARETHEFORCE Photo Hunt Hint

C129 - The Black Stallion

6 Weeks down & 2 to go, for this rowdy Star Wars bunch. For week 7, the crew decided that they would stick to their comfort zone and splurge once more on an oceanfront “cottage” to enjoy. Not only did the group decide on a 9 bedroom oceanfront home, they assured that it was one recently built and brand new to Twiddy’s 2015 rental season! This home, situated in the Ocean Lake Community of Corolla, NC, offered expansive views of the Atlantic from it’s oceanfront location. Stormtrooper enjoyed making everyone breakfast each morning, with the rising sun, in this properties exquisite kitchen. The rowdy bunch was sold not only on the location, but the theatre room and rec room that this home had to offer. Many days were spent with the groups many large ego’s, showing off & enjoying time in the Level 1 Rec Room. With temperatures cooling a bit for Week 7, the group made sure to take advantage of the fireplace and hot tub found at the home versus the lovely pool that it offered. Needless to say, the Force was Strong in this Oceanfront Home.

Happy Hunting to All!

Start Searching for Chewbacca and Stormtrooper Right Now.

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