Why You Should Visit the Outer Banks in July

Avoid July OBX Vacation FOMO

The month of July is the top of the vacation mountain here on the Outer Banks. Sunny skies and warm waters may be what pique travelers’ interest at first, but there are endless reasons why July is our favorite month on the OBX. Here are just a few!

mini golf

1. Open for Business

The Outer Banks truly comes alive in July. With the turning of the summer solstice, comes the turning of all the open signs! Attractions, restaurants, and places to go are all open, well-staffed, and ready for your summer fun to begin.

4th of july parade

2. Local Events

From 4th of July festivities to live music and farmers markets, local events are in full swing on the Outer Banks in July! There’s an event for everyone pretty much every day of the month. Check out more of What to Do in the Outer Banks in July here.

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3. School’s Out For Summer

July is perhaps the easiest month of the year to gather your loved ones for a vacation. With no school or athletic schedules to dodge, it’s way easier to spend a week together on the Outer Banks.

Gather your loved ones for a getaway just like this family who has been vacationing with us in July for nearly 30 years!

kayaking the sound

4. Beautiful Weather

Not only is July the most likely to have more beach days than any other month of the year, but it provides gorgeous sunny weather for all sorts of outdoor activities on or off the beach. Try kayaking the sound or taking a hike through Nags Head Woods. You may be surprised by how one with nature you are by the end of your vacation! Even on the rare chance of a rainy day, there’s plenty to do if the weather happens to not be nice enough for a day outside.

whalehead sunset

5. Longer Days

Pack in more to your vacation! The long summer days of July mean you can hit the beach, play a round of mini golf, eat at your favorite restaurant, and make it just in time for a gorgeous summer sound sunset!

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Book Early for the Best Selection

Are you dreaming of renting a gorgeous pet-friendly oceanfront vacation home with a private pool, hot tub, and more? You have more choices when you choose to book early. Score the amenities, location, and view that you’re longing for. Most families make their Outer Banks vacation plans in December or January. Booking earlier than everyone else means your family can secure the perfect home for your OBX vacation. If you don’t want to miss out on your dream home, there is no better time than the present to reserve a home!

For a quick guide on how to find the vacation home of your dreams, check out Tips & Tricks for Booking Your Outer Banks Vacation.

Avoid July OBX Vacation FOMO

The dreaded fear of missing out! Don’t be caught sitting around in July, scrolling through your social media feeds, seeing all of your friends’ pictures and videos of their awesome Outer Banks vacation. Make your July OBX vacation a reality!

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