Jan 09, 2023

Vacation Rental vs. Hotel: Which is Right for Your Next Trip?

Pros and Cons of Renting a Vacation Home vs. Staying in a Hotel

Are you trying to make vacation plans and torn about where to stay? For groups, renting a vacation home can be more affordable than staying in multiple hotel rooms. Splitting the cost of a vacation home among family members or friends can end up being a more economical option than staying in a hotel. Travelers that are not vacationing with a group may find a hotel a better fit in terms of space needed and price.

A Vacation Home Might Be Better For Those Who:

We have curated the best reasons to stay in a vacation rental versus a hotel to help you plan your vacation. Click to jump to a specific reason or scroll to learn more.

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1. You Want More Space and Amenities

If you are looking to spread out, a vacation home is definitely the best option because they have several common spaces and multiple bedrooms. Homes that are designed to accommodate groups of families and friends tend to have large, well-equipped kitchens. A large kitchen allows the equipment and space to prepare a meal for a crowd. Open floor plans on the main level allow for bonding and socialization while meals are being prepared. A vacation home also allows you to share amenities with your group only. Hello, private pool!


2. You’re Traveling in a Large Group

Large groups that want to vacation together will be much more comfortable in a vacation home. Not only is a vacation home cheaper than a hotel when you break down the cost per person per bedroom, but you also have amenities that are private to the vacation home.

Hotels are great for large groups that want to vacation together but also want some separation. If your family tends to not get along midway through a vacation, staying in a hotel may be the best option.

3. You’re on a Budget

Choosing a vacation home versus a hotel to save money really depends on the size of your group. If you have a large group, it is cheaper (based on cost per person per bedroom) to rent a vacation home that accommodates more people. If your group consists of a couple or smaller family, it may be more cost-effective to stay in a hotel.

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4. You’re Looking for Privacy and the Comforts of Home

Vacation rentals are actual homes. Each has a homeowner, so each home is different based on the particular homeowners’ interests. As mentioned earlier, vacation rentals have well-equipped, full kitchens, which offers the opportunity to prepare meals at home and enjoy them family style. Free wifi is another amenity that is offered in most vacation homes – an amenity that isn’t always free in hotels.

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5. You’re Traveling with Pets

Many Outer Banks towns are pet-friendly, so many Outer Banks vacation homes are also pet-friendly. Staying in a pet-friendly home with your four-legged family members allows them to have space to spread out and to feel more at home. Most hotels either do not permit pets or do not have enough space to allow your furry family members to be comfortable.

A Hotel Might Be Better For Those Who:

Many times, vacationers are not traveling in a group. Maybe it’s a couple looking for a last-minute weekend getaway or a small family looking to stay walking distance to entertainment options. For vacationers looking to stay for just a few days, a hotel may be a better option than a vacation home, as many vacation homes have a 7-day minimum stay.

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1. You’re Traveling in a Smaller Group

A couple or smaller family may opt for a hotel due to needing less space or amenities. Staying in a hotel generally means that you will not be cooking meals, and there is usually no private common space.

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2. You Want 24 Hour Room Service or Daily Housekeeping

Daily housekeeping and middle-of-the-night room service are nice! If you regularly enjoy the luxuries that a hotel provides, you may not like staying in a vacation home. A vacation home provides the comforts of home, including cooking and cleaning up the kitchen. If you are on vacation to truly escape, consider a hotel over a vacation home.

3. You’re Only Looking to Stay for a Few Days

Some vacation homes have a minimum stay required, so if you are looking for a quick getaway, a hotel is a better option. Hotels rooms are generally easier to book for just a night or two. 

4. You Like Knowing Hotel Staff Is On Hand

Knowing that hotel staff are on the premises 24 hours per day can give you a sense of security. Also, did we mention middle-of-the-night room service? Hotels usually also have a concierge on duty that can provide recommendations on where to go and what to do. However, most vacation rental home companies can provide a similar experience with local recommendations.

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5. You Want Entertainment Options Available Right Where You’re Staying

Hotels provide accommodations for many people at once, which allows them to have onsite entertainment options. If you are looking for entertainment on the premises of your accommodations, a hotel is a great option. You don’t have to drive to get to the entertainment!

Think a Vacation Rental is Right for You?

Vacation rentals are great for groups, but a hotel may be best for smaller groups or shorter stays. Both types of accommodations have amenities, but a vacation home provides amenities that will be exclusive to your group. If you haven’t decided on a location, consider a visit to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and learn how far in advance to start planning a trip.

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Twiddy & Company

Jan 09, 2023

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