Sep 03, 2018

Summer’s End

We’re grateful for the living summer provides. We congratulate ourselves for surviving another one. And we thank God for fall.

Standing in the middle of Duck Road the week after Labor Day, many years ago. For a few years, we developed a ritual of meeting in the middle of Duck Road the week after Labor Day. We looked north and south without a car in sight. We talked about the summer season and also about goin’ fishin’.

There’s something about Fall on the Outer Banks.

Don’t get us wrong – we LOVE an Outer Banks summer. It’s a deep-rooted love for most of us. It’s the reason that many of us call this beautiful place home. Summer on the Outer Banks far outweighs summer anywhere else.

This article was published years ago in a local newspaper and gives a tongue in cheek account of the arrival of many Outer Banks locals’ favorite season. Dramatic Fall sunrises and sunsets. Crisp, cooler nights. Reconnecting with each other after the busy summer season. Recounting high notes of the summer season and always planning for the next.

summer's end

Thank you for visiting the Outer Banks this summer. If you ever have the opportunity, we invite you to visit this magical place that we call home during the gorgeous fall season.

Fall sunrise and sunset

Twiddy & Company

Twiddy & Company

Sep 03, 2018

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