Sep 06, 2018

Happy National Read a Book Day!

Grab a book and hit the beach to celebrate National Read a Book Day!

What better way to spend National Read a Book Day than lounging on the beach with a good read? Happy September 6th to all of the bookworms here on the Outer Banks! There’s nothing better than sitting on your oceanfront deck or out on the beach, taking in the beautiful views and warm breeze while reading your favorite book. Not sure where to start and what to read? Not to worry, plenty of good books actually take place here on the Outer Banks. Take a look at the options listed here, and kick off September 6th the right way!


Nights in Rodanthe

For romance novel fans, there are a variety of books that take place in this beautiful place, the ideal setting to fall in love. One of the more popular books set on the Outer Banks is Nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks. In this novel the two main characters are divorced parents, both experiencing troubles in their lives taking many different forms. The main female character, Adrienne, is tending to the inn in Rodanthe when she meets Paul. Throughout the novel they find themselves stuck in a storm. When Paul and Adrienne are the only ones in the inn together, they fall deeply in love. They soon realize that eventually, they will have to go back to the reality of living their separate lives. Find out what happens with their love story in this novel from one of the best-selling romance authors.

The Outer Banks HOuse

Another option is the series by Diann Ducharme, The Outer Banks House and Return to the Outer Banks House. The first of the two takes place just after the Civil War, in which a young girl moves with her family to Nags Head for the summer. She spends her days teaching her father’s fishing guide how to read and write. In doing so, they fall in love. Through the various obstacles the characters face during this time period, we learn about their dramatic story of love. Couldn’t get enough of the first? Carry on into the sequel, seven years in the future, to discover the fate of their love.

What better place to fall in love than the Outer Banks? Many authors agree, as there are many other romance novels set here, including Summer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews, The Summer House by Jenny Hale, and A Perfect Escape by Maddie James. Grab a book and hit the beach. Not at the beach? Don’t worry! Get lost in the pages of the many Outer Banks romance novels and you’ll feel like you’re there.

Drama and Mystery

The Sea Keeper's Daughters

In search of a book that will keep you turning the pages and on the edge of your seat? Plenty of mystery and drama books take place here as well. Lisa Wingate is the author of the Carolina Heirlooms series, containing books such as The Prayer Box, The Story Keeper, The Sea Keeper’s Daughters, and more. The Prayer Box is the first of the series, in which the main character, Tandi Jo Reese, finds herself with the responsibility of cleaning out the house of Iola Anne Poole, who had just passed away. Tandi was staying in her rental cottage, hiding from her troubled past. While cleaning, she discovers 81 prayer boxes while cleaning out Iola’s old home, one for each year. These boxes hold the story of her life and all of the journeys she experienced, each of which proves to be a lesson for Tandi. Discover what the boxes behold, and dive into The Prayer Box. For more novels such as this one, Lisa Wingate’s series will satisfy those who are curious.

Murder on the hoof

Interested in murder mysteries? Kathryn O’Sullivan’s books hold mystery and adventure in the beautiful beach town of Corolla. The first of the series, Foal Play, features a strong female role of Colleen McCabe as the fire chief. When a body washes up on the beaches of Corolla, Colleen is quick to investigate, despite the wishes of the Sheriff. Uncovering information and keeping it from the Sheriff, who is also her best friend, will be the least of her worries when something even worse comes up. Keep turning the pages to discover what has troubled the peaceful town of Corolla in this mystery novel. For more like this, Kathryn O’Sullivan has other books such as Murder on the Hoof and Neighing with Fire. For more mystery and adventure books, check out titles such as Not Our Kind of Killing, or Tide of Darkness by Joseph L.S. Terrell, taking place in the Lost Colony.


Outer Banks Mysteries

Do you wish to learn a little bit more about the history of our sandbar? Take a trip into the past to discover the stories of Blackbeard and the Lost Colony, all hitting close to home here on the Outer Banks. Charles Harry Whedbee is the author of Outer Banks Mysteries & Seaside Stories. Flip through the pages to discover passed down tales, legends and mysteries from many generations before all taking place in the Outer Banks. Another book by Whedbee, called Outer Banks Tales to Remember, consists of seventeen different stories ranging from ghosts, to romance, to eerie events. As a well known author, Whedbee tells of the great historical material from the Outer Banks’ past.

The Wright Brothers

Take flight as we join David McCullough in his novel, The Wright Brothers. Find out about what happened on the winter day that they took their first flight, right here in the Outer Banks. With information gathered from the Wright brothers’ notebooks, scrapbooks and diaries, McCullough tells the well informed stories through the brothers’ eyes.

Hidden History of the Outer Banks

Lastly, Sarah Downing is the author of the informative book, Hidden History of the Outer Banks. Having lived in the Outer Banks for years, Downing has gathered plenty of historical information, leaving this novel jam-packed with interesting facts and stories of the island from years and years ago. Overflowing with history, the Outer Banks holds mysteries and stories not commonly known to all vacationers. Educate yourself on the adventures and monumental moments of the past while on your vacation here, without even leaving your beach chair.

The Outer Banks is the perfect setting for a plethora of books, from many different genres. Whether you are looking to escape into a romantic getaway, get wrapped into mystery and adventure, or dive into the past, your reading needs will be met with one of the many Outer Banks books. Grab a book and hit the beach to celebrate National Read a Book Day!

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Sep 06, 2018

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