May 06, 2020

People Helping People with OBX Beach Vacations

Your Next OBX Vacation Can Benefit Two Other Families

What is a re-rent reservation?


Vacationing on the beautiful beaches of the Outer Banks has become a yearly tradition for many families and groups. Often, these OBX beach vacations are planned far in advance, sometimes up to a year prior to the arrival date.

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Behind each Twiddy beach house is a homeowner, a person who achieved their dream of owning an Outer Banks vacation home. That person depends on vacation rental income to sustain their OBX beach home. 

When a guest books a reservation, they enter into a non-cancelable lease agreement with the homeowner. Normally, if a group is unable to come on OBX vacation, and their cancellation isn’t covered by travel insurance, Twiddy will help the guest re-rent their week to another guest. Typically, under normal circumstances, re-rent situations are rare.

By now, we are all aware of how much the world has changed due to Coronavirus COVID-19, especially the impact to travel. 


Stay home orders and Outer Banks Access restrictions mean that countless OBX family vacations did not happen as planned this spring. Since beach vacations didn’t happen, homeowners did not receive income that they depend on to financially support their vacation home.

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Good People Helping Good People with Re-rent Reservations

When the travel restrictions to the Outer Banks are lifted, starting on May 16th, many people will choose to vacation to these rejuvenating beaches, while practicing social distancing and observing other precautions in place. 

However, there will be some families who are unable or choose not to travel as originally planned – because they have high-risk family members in their travel group, or they are taking additional precautions to avoid spreading the virus. These families have opted instead to re-rent the vacation home and week that they reserved. 

When you choose to book a remarketed home and week, you are directly helping the original guest to be released from their OBX rental lease. You are also helping the homeowner to receive the income needed to continue operating their OBX vacation home. And you are getting a much-needed Outer Banks vacation, with an added dose of feelgood because you’ve helped two other families. Everyone wins!

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How to Find Guest Re-Rent Reservations

Look for purple! Guest re-rent weeks will have this purple badge in the search results and on the OBX vacation home property details page. You can search specifically for re-rented weeks and filter based on your group’s vacation home preferences. 

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Updates

For the current information on travel restrictions, please check our Outer Banks Coronavirus COVID -19 updates and stay tuned to our Facebook page. We have new information available regarding safety measures, as well as our Outer Banks beach serenity videos. The Outer Banks will reopen to visitors on May 16th, and OBX beaches are open.

Twiddy & Company

Twiddy & Company

May 06, 2020

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