May 08, 2020

Bleisure on the OBX: 5 Reasons to Work Remotely From the Beach

Check Out the Ocean View While on a Conference Call or Have a Team Meeting on the Beach

On the heels of the pandemic, bleisure has emerged as a new trend in the travel industry. Working remotely has become more common than ever, giving rise to a hybrid type of traveling: bleisure travel (business + leisure). Check out our top five ways to capitalize on the bleisure travel trend right here on the Outer Banks.

1. Save Your Paid Time Off

As the pandemic moves further into the rearview mirror, many workplaces will continue working remotely. Why not make the best of it? Bring your family to the beach and enjoy productive days filled with sunshine and salt air. Choose a vacation home with amenities that accommodate your family and offer the luxuries of ocean views, wifi, privacy, and seclusion.

Work Remotely From the Beach

2. Book An Office with a View

We offer over 1,100 vacation rental homes with wifi, which makes working remotely from the beach a breeze. If working with your laptop on the oceanfront deck works for you, do it! If you prefer the comfort of your own workspace, we have many homes with a private office or office space.

3. True Bleisure: Bring Your Family

Sip your morning coffee on the deck while watching the sun rise with your family. Book a home with a private pool and get some work done while your family lounges around by the pool. Log out of work in the afternoon and have your toes in the sand with your family within minutes. Work half of the stay and enjoy a family vacation during the other half of the stay.

Lazy River

4. Plenty of Space for a Team Meeting

With the rise in remote work, many office teams are now spread out across the country. Instead of being confined to a conference room for a face-to-face team meeting, book an OBX vacation home to host your team. You’ll have plenty of space to meet and collaborate in the common areas of your vacation home. Many larger homes offer multiple master bedrooms, so everyone can have their own space to retreat to.

5. Bleisure with Your Coworkers: Work Hard, Play Hard

Working together on the Outer Banks is bound to enhance your team’s overall culture, which can yield higher-quality ideas and collaboration. Once your meetings wrap up for the day, take some time to relax and unwind together. Take a stroll along the beach, learn to surf together, or enjoy a seafood boil for dinner.

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Ready to Book a Bleisure Vacation?

Envision working remotely from one of these OBX vacation homes with an office.

“Sunlight on the Coast” (BFS125): 6 Bedroom Soundfront

“A Welcome Respite” (E300): 9 Bedroom Oceanfront

“Sunrise Sunset” (E268): 9 Bedroom Oceanfront

“Serenity II” (G207): 6 Bedroom Oceanfront

“Costa Bella” (G112): 8 Bedroom Oceanfront

“Dreams Do Come True” (J10997): 6 Bedroom Oceanfront

“Heaven on Surf” (J40984): 7 Bedroom Oceanside

“KDH Resort” (KD0501): 22 Bedroom Oceanfront

“Caribbean Oasis” (KD1317): 14 Bedroom Oceanfront

“The Chesapeake” (R11441): 6 Bedroom SemiOceanfront

Twiddy & Company

Twiddy & Company

May 08, 2020




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