Apr 19, 2024

Earth Day on the Outer Banks

Happy Earth Day! We are blessed to call the Outer Banks our home and are honored to share our slice of paradise with you. The Outer Banks offers many breathtaking natural views and features; from the wild horses on the 4×4 Beaches to the hidden treasures on our sandbar.

We also recognize that we have a responsibility to protect our coast and to preserve our precious beaches for generations to come. Given the fragility of our ecosystem, Twiddy & Company is proud to support local organizations that help keep our beaches clean.

Adopt A Highway Program 

We are pleased to be a member of the Adopt-a-Highway program. We are responsible for picking up trash on the roadside along our section of NC-12 in Corolla, which starts at Sandhill Lane in Ocean Sands and goes to Bonito Street in Whalehead. We do cleanups 4-6 times per year.

Organizations Twiddy & Company Supports 

We are happy to be able to support local businesses that have sustainability as one of their core values.

Outer Banks Seafood Festival

The Outer Banks Seafood Festival is a yearly event held in October that provides the opportunity to learn more about our local fishing industry and heritage. During the festival, you can watch live demonstrations, meet local fisherman, and see the boats involved in bringing fresh seafood to your table. This year’s festival takes place on October 19, 2024. 

Outer Banks Health

We are proud to support the Outer Banks Health as they provide a range of health and wellness services for our coastal community. Twiddy & Company is the headlining sponsor of “Cancer Shucks!,” an event that supports the cancer services on the Outer Banks. Check out 2023’s event, and we look forward to sponsoring future events. 

Pine Island Audobon Center

The Pine Island Audobon Center is the sanctuary on the soundside of Pine Island. The Sanctuary offers a safe place for birds and wildlife to thrive and preserves 2,600 acres of marsh, upland maritime forest, and sandy beaches. The public is welcome to enjoy the sanctuary with the 2.5-mile nature trail and kayak tours. 

Nags Head Woods 5k Run

The Nags Head Woods 5k Run is taking place on Mother’s Day Weekend. You can run through the Nature Conservancy’s Nags Head Woods Ecological Preserve, and feel good knowing that the net proceeds go to support local charities, youth programs and military relief charities.

Help Keep Our Beaches Clean 

Caring for our stunning seashores requires collective action. Next time you are on the Outer Banks, follow this checklist to help keep our beaches clean! For more information on Beach Safety for each town, please visit our Beach Safety Page

    • Leave your footprints, but please pick up your trash 
    • Swim near a lifeguard 
    • Fill any holes that you made in the sand 
      • Fatal sand collapses can occur in holes that are just a few feet deep. Children and adults should not dig holes deeper than their knee height.
      • Large holes in the sand can be challenging for Ocean Rescue personnel and lifeguards, as they drive on the sand to be able to provide emergency services for those in need.
      • Holes in the sand can become fatal obstructions for Sea Turtles laying and during their hatching seasons.
    • Remove all beach gear by sunset each day 
    • Keep off the dunes 
    • Do Not use fireworks or light bonfires 
    • Leash & Clean-up after your dog 
    • Choose sustainable options instead of balloons 
      • Released balloons become hazardous litter, endangering wildlife and polluting our precious beaches

Emily Pack

Emily Pack

Apr 19, 2024

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