Apr 19, 2022

April’s Friendly Pet of the Month

She’s havin’ a B-A-L-L!

april's friendly pet of the month
april's friendly pet of the month - ruca

Say Hello To April’s Friendly Pet, Ruca

This month’s friendly pet hails from Currituck, where she’s been spoiled (deservedly so) since birth. Now a senior pup at 11-years-old, Ruca is an incredible blessing to her family. Together, they love to go on adventures to the beach where they walk and soak up the beautiful Outer Banks sunshine. 

april's friendly pet of the month - ruca

A Little Ball Of Fun

Day in and day out, this silly girl never fails to make her paw-rents laugh. From sleeping with a stuffed animal and pacifier as a puppy (yes, a pacifier!) to forever snoozing with her tongue out, Ruca is the funniest little French Bulldog.

But her quirks don’t end there! While the sound of an ice machine churning out cubes sends her running, one thing is for sure, Ruca will conquer all fears for a tennis ball. One look or mention of that bouncy piece of goodness and Ruca switches personalities. — She even knows how to spell B-A-L-L. What a clever girl!

april's friendly pet of the month - ruca

Living Her Best Life

Although Ruca was recently diagnosed with cancer, she continues to make every day her BEST day. Her amazing family makes sure of that. Reminding us to live every day to its fullest, we are grateful for Ruca and her spunky spirit!

Thank you to Tara Kerstan for sharing Ruca with us!

april's friendly pet of the month - beach dog

Every Day at the Beach is the Best Day

Make incredible memories with your pup while giving them the vacation of a lifetime! With so many pet-friendly rentals, dog-friendly beaches, and pup-tastic OBX activities, you can bring your four-legged friend along for the ride. We’re here to help make every day at the beach the best day ever.

Welcoming Our Next Friendly Pet

Send us your photos of the paw-some pet in your life, and they could be the next Friendly Pet of the Month! For more happy pups, check out March’s Friendly Pet of the Month and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Laurel Burgam

Laurel Burgam

Apr 19, 2022

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