Mar 18, 2022

March’s Friendly Pet of the Month

100 Pounds of Love

pet of the month - duke
march's friendly pet of the month - duke

100 Pounds of Pure Love

This month we’re highlighting Duke, a big boy with an even bigger heart! Despite the adversity he faced early on, this rescued Rottweiler (and self-proclaimed beach bum) is the most loving (and loved) pup, making him the perfect candidate for March’s Friendly Pet of the Month!

march's friendly pet of the month - duke

A New “Leash” on Life

Duke was rescued on June 13th, 2020 at three years old. When his mom took him in, Duke was scared of everything and everyone. He didn’t understand how to play. He had no idea what treats were. And he’d never experienced the affection he so deserved. But ever since his adoption, Duke has blossomed with his furever family! While toys are still somewhat of a mystery to him, he now has a belly full of treats and a home bursting with love.

march's friendly pet of the month - duke

The Baron of the Beach

Today, Duke hails from Cleveland, Ohio, and often goes by the name “His Grace the Duke of Starnes.” While he isn’t a fan of the midwest cold, he puts up with it knowing his OBX vacation is one day closer. When his paws are sandy, that’s when you’ll know Duke is truly in his element. Some of his mom’s favorite memories are of Duke playing on the beaches in Duck. She says,

“Duke is scared of so many things, but when he is at the beach, he becomes a different dog! He loves it there and isn’t scared!”

This spring will mark Duke’s second trip to Dolphin’s Leap in the neighborhood of Carolina Dunes. While his excitement for the oceanfront can’t be beaten, a close second is the car ride down. So, enjoy the journey, Duke. — We can’t wait to see you again on the Outer Banks!


Special thanks to his mom, Linda Starnes, for sharing Duke’s paw-some story and photos with us!

sunrise paw prints in sand

A Dog’s Dream Vacation

Is your pup a beach bum like Duke? With so many pet-friendly rentalsdog-friendly beaches, and pup-tastic OBX activities, the Outer Banks is truly the perfect place to bring your dog. We’re here to help you give them the vacation of their dreams!


Calling All Friendly Pets!

Send us your photos of the paw-some pet in your life, and they could be the next Pet of the Month! For more happy beach dogs, make sure to check out February’s Friendly Pet of the Month and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Laurel Burgam

Laurel Burgam

Mar 18, 2022

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