Sep 13, 2022

Where to do Yoga in the Outer Banks

Namaste at the beach

Yoga is an excellent activity for the beach. The mindfulness aspect combined with the beautiful environment of the Outer Banks makes it the perfect option for your vacation workout. The great thing about yoga is that it can be modified to fit whatever you want to gain from your practice, whether you have never tried yoga before or you are an experienced yogi. Breathe in the ocean air and give yourself some time to relax and restore. Check out the many options we have for yoga here in the Outer Banks!


Historic Corolla Village Park

There is a free yoga class each Thursday morning during the summer in Historic Corolla Village Park right behind the Historic Whalehead building. This class is for all ages and all levels. Enjoy an hour-long flow in the morning air accompanied by beautiful views of the Currituck sound. The class runs 7am-8am, so you’ll start off your day right and still have plenty of time for other activities! Maybe grab breakfast out after class.


Corolla Yoga

Corolla yoga offers yoga classes on the beach. They also offer private sessions. They offer vinyasa and yin classes. Most classes are held in the morning; some are even at sunrise! Check out their schedule for more information.


Welcome to Duck

Village Yoga

Village Yoga in Duck has lots of yoga options. They offer classes at a wide variety of times throughout the day. They offer vinyasa, yin, and gentle yoga as well as some barre and pilates classes. Check out their schedule for studio classes, join a live online class, or book a private beach yoga session. 

Kitty Hawk

beach yoga

Outer Banks Yoga

Outer Banks Yoga offers both studio classes and beach yoga classes. The beach yoga classes are multi-level morning classes, and the studio classes are a variety of styles and at different times throughout the day. Check out the schedule for details. 

Nags Head

Nags Head Beach Yoga 

Nags Head Beach Yoga offers yoga on the beach by Jeanette’s Pier in Nags Head. They have Wednesday morning classes during the season, private sessions available to book, and occasionally offer a full moon flow.

OBX Hot Yoga

OBX Hot Yoga offers a variety of class types in a heated room. Even if you’ve never tried hot yoga before, many of their classes are great for beginners. They also offer classes at multiple different times throughout the day.


Live online classes

Don’t want to leave the beach house? That’s totally fine! Many studios offer live online classes. Village Yoga in Duck offers live online classes. If you have a hometown yoga studio, check to see if they offer live classes as well. This is often a more cost-effective option, especially if you have a large group participating since you only have to pay for one person and the online option is usually less expensive than the in-person option. 


Youtube has an abundance of free yoga classes of all lengths, levels, and styles. Search for what you’re looking for and follow along. Much like the live online classes, all you’ll need is a computer or phone and a fairly open space to practice.

Whichever option you choose for yoga in the Outer Banks, we hope you find some zen on your vacation. Namaste!

Jenny Marty

Jenny Marty

Sep 13, 2022

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