Aug 05, 2020

Utilizing Google Cloud for a Better Experience

Google released a new privacy playbook for marketers using a real-world example: Twiddy & Company Realtors

Think with Google: Twiddy & Company Upgrades Analytics with Google Cloud

2020 has presented the world with extraordinary changes so far, and the world of marketing has not been excluded.

Facing new regulations on online privacy, Google released a new privacy playbook for marketers using a real-world example: Twiddy & Company Realtors.


The playbook is designed to assist marketers with obstacles in this new privacy landscape. Google Cloud’s new case study details how Twiddy and Adswerve navigate data analytics while prioritizing the privacy of our website users.

At Twiddy & Company, we have been working closely with the data science team at Adswerve to adapt to the new regulations while continuing to protect the privacy of our guests and homeowners. Protecting the online privacy of our guests and homeowners has long been a priority at Twiddy & Company. Upon Adswerve’s recommendations and guidance, we upgraded the capability of our analytics by integrating our established Google Marketing Platform with Google Cloud. Using a highly secure data warehouse and sophisticated tools available on Google Cloud, we were able to bring together many different elements to vastly improve user experience on


The ability to analyze data and identify patterns while protecting the privacy of our guests and homeowners has been invaluable to us at Twiddy & Company. Adswerve’s data science team and Twiddy’s marketing team meet often about opportunities to further improve the guest and homeowner experience on our website. For example, a guest’s interactions with the website, typical travel dates in past bookings, and historical home availability dates can be used to predict when guests would like to know about an available vacation home. We’re able to hone in on the types of homes and the vacation timeframe that our data analysis tells us our guests are searching for.


Twiddy & Company is proud to have been recognized in the Think with Google’s case study alongside Adswerve. This is not the first time Twiddy has been recognized by Google Cloud. Our marketing team’s work with Adswerve (formerly Analytics Pros on Google Cloud’s data analytics was the subject of a case study in early 2019. We continue to bridge the gap between the hospitality business and the world of data analytics.

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Twiddy & Company

Twiddy & Company

Aug 05, 2020

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