Nov 21, 2018

Top Five Things We’re Thankful For Today

We’re simply a business of people coming together.

We gather with friends and family today to be thankful, share gratitude, joy and acknowledge the things that make our lives special. It’s important that we do this in person and personally but we thought we could do it as a business too. After all, we’re simply a business of people coming together.

Family on the beach

Our Guests

For forty years, we’ve been a business of people coming together.  We’ve been able to stay in business, be a great place to work, contribute to our towns, and care for our families all because we have a group of customers willing to trust us when they come together.

Thank you for your trust in us.  We take it very seriously.


Our Homeowners

Our group of homeowners has collectively made a decision to build, buy, and maintain a level of home quality in the market that is simply unparalleled in the United States.  It is through their commitment to something that is unique that we are able to offer to guests something equally as special. They didn’t have to do that–they chose to and we are thankful for it.

Thank you for your trust in us for all these years.  We’re still locally owned, locally operated, and locally staffed because you make it possible.

Twiddy Guest Services

Our Team

We are blessed to live in a wonderful place and to spend our lives in the pursuit of wonderful endeavors.  We are, however, blessed above all as a Company by what walks in the front door in morning and back out again in the evening.  Our staff is a collection of diverse skills, new ideas, guardians of tradition, and experts in their field.

Thank you for choosing to come to work with us here each day.

The Outer Banks Hospital Group

It might seem like a long time ago, but the days of really no medical care without a long drive are pretty recent memories.  The people of the Outer Banks Hospital share truly great care across a wide range of need (people are actually born here now) and are one more reason we’re a great place to live and vacation.

The Outer Banks Community Foundation

The Outer Banks is home to a remarkably vibrant business community, and it may surprise some people to learn that we are also home to an equally vibrant non-profit community.  As the acknowledged venture capitalist for this group, the OBCF connects jaw-dropping generosity with causes that matter.  We are blessed to have the people of OBCF, the grants they make, the scholarships ($800,000 just last year!) they share, and the impacts they make.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Twiddy & Company

Twiddy & Company

Nov 21, 2018

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