May 19, 2023

Top 10 Modern Vacation Homes on the Outer Banks

Designed for the Modern Beach-Goer

It’s no secret that the physical spaces we occupy often influence our headspace. So when we plan to go on vacation, where we choose to stay matters! We want a retreat that helps us clear our minds — a haven from the chaos of everyday life. For many of us, homes that prioritize clean, simple designs and allow the surrounding nature to shine through are those that provide the most serene sanctuary. And that’s why we love a beach vacation rental home with a modern design. Here are our Top 10 Modern Vacation Homes on the Outer Banks for your next relaxing getaway.


“If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

– William Morris

Honorable Mention – First Light (A172)

Southern Shores | Oceanfront | 7 bedrooms • 9 bathrooms

Straight off of our Pinterest board and onto the beach is “First Light.” This modern coastal home is so delightfully thought out that its cedar shake siding matches the butterscotch brown leather sofas and wood floors. And with the addition of a private pool, hot tub, theater room, and much more, this trendy home truly abides by the architectural adage “form follows function.”

#10 The Metropolitan (G846)

Corolla | Oceanside | 8 bedrooms • 10 bathrooms

Did you know the Outer Banks has its very own Met? While it’s not exactly the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, “The Metropolitan” of OBX is impressive in its own right. Its construction offers light and airy rooms and the decor is an Instagram-worthy curation of fixtures and furnishings. This is the modern beach home of our dreams.

#9 Shellebrate (GOL116)

Corolla | Oceanfront | 9 bedrooms • 11 bathrooms

In the case of this home, simplicity is by no means plain. One look at “Shellebrate” and you’ll understand that a minimalist retreat is exactly what the doctor ordered. The open uncluttered concept gives us plenty of room for the entire family without compromising style. Marie Kondo would be proud. — Everything in this home sparks joy for us.

#8 Aqua Dream (J10975)

Corolla | ?Oceanfront | 12 bedrooms • 14 bathrooms

No detail has been overlooked in this practical yet aesthetically pleasing home. From its film buff-approved movie theater to the chef’s kitchen, “Aqua Dream” is designed for fun and function! We especially love the black and white photos of horses that give a nod to OBX and add to the home’s overall sleek look.

#7 Lighthouse Twelve (J10913)

Corolla | Oceanfront | 12 bedrooms • 14 bathrooms

When Southern charm meets modern design, you get this amazing oceanfront home. “Lighthouse Twelve” mixes a charming farmhouse style with cool industrial fixtures to create an inviting space for the modern OBX beach-goer. I mean, who wouldn’t want to throw on an apron and bake a delicious peach cobbler in that kitchen?

#6 Constellation (KD1213)

Kill Devil Hills | Oceanfront | 28 bedrooms • 33 bathrooms

We’ve got stars in our eyes for this home. “Constellation” transports its guests into another time. From the mid-century modern dining room (check out that swinging porthole door) to the neon-lit ’80s arcade room, this home spares no expense at going big, bold, and insanely cool. The interior yields dynamic designs, layered textures, and strong colors to create a lively environment — perfect for a fun week at the beach.

#5 Coastal Cabana (J10947) 

Corolla | Oceanfront | 12 bedrooms • 14 bathrooms

“Coastal Cabana” effortlessly brings the light and airy flow of the ocean into its open-design concept. Making it feel more like an extension of the beach than a rental home, the blue color palette and natural textures throughout the interior give a calming effect. Not to mention, the waterfall wall lining a perfectly shaded outdoor lounge is pretty nice too.

#4 Lagoa (A144)

Southern Shores | Oceanside | 4 bedrooms • 4 bathrooms

This contemporary beach house might just be the defining example of less is more. Designed by the acclaimed University of Virginia and Princeton University Architect Cynthia Mosby Design, “Lagoa” strikes a balance between practicality and refinement. With little decor adorning the walls, the 100-plus windows allow natural light and scenic views to act as the home’s art.

#3 Mare Dei Cavalli (V22298)

4×4 | Semi-Oceanfront | 6 bedrooms • 7 bathrooms

While modern architecture is usually synonymous with cool indifference, “Mare Dei Cavalli” serves up a fun alternative to the traditional monochromatic design. Its polished base of white, with gray and wood tones, sees pops of soothing colors and modern patterns throughout the home. We must admit that “Mare Dei Cavalli” boasts the best vacation selfie backdrops, often with the ocean in view.

#2 Oceans (T12009)

4×4 | Oceanfront | 5 bedrooms • 5 bathrooms

We have officially experienced the feeling of being one with the sea at “Oceans.” Seamless glass deck railings and soaring windows provide unobstructed ocean views while providing beautiful pools of natural light. This modern coastal retreat has it all: stunning design, a beautiful location, and a vast catalog of amenities.

#1 The One (A103)

Southern Shores | Oceanside | 4 bedrooms • 4 bathrooms

This home provides the architectural eye candy we’ve been craving, truly making it “The One.” Perched amongst the treetops, its design has allowed the landscape to dictate its unique build without compromising the beautiful natural surroundings. The distinctively modern construction utilizes strong lines and sleek sustainable materials, while the home decor strikes a perfect balance with a warm color palette and soft furnishing. Reminiscent of the Frank Stick flat-top homes of the Outer Banks, we love how “The One” marries old OBX with what is in store for our bright modern future.

More Modern Homes

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Laurel Burgam

Laurel Burgam

May 19, 2023

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