Oct 09, 2018

Operations Open House Event Helps Improve Culture

This gathering is one of several over the course of the year all using candid customer engagement as our compass for consistency and evolution.

We take great pride in the quality of our home selection for guests…with several hundred oceanfront homes available and over one thousand unique homes to choose from we represent the finest selection of well-managed homes available on the Outer Banks.


On occasion, we will have a homeowner ask us if we have gotten too big.  The more important question just below that no one is asking if, by being big, do the big numbers still listen to the smaller ones–will a personal relationship be lost as a face in the crowd?


In our experience, the answer to that is surprisingly not numbers driven but culture driven.  If culture begins to value size over quality, then we will have in fact changed course from where we started.


Great companies stop being great not because of size but because they stopped listening to their customers.


After 40 years, we know how important listening is and we maintain a culture that says first and foremost we listen, we learn, and we act.  People can still do business directly with other people who come to work each day hoping to create a memorable experience for someone else.


The most important skill, bar none, in the hospitality business is the ability to listen to your customers with an eye toward value and understanding.


At Twiddy & Company, we make sure that no matter what we are doing we are never too busy to stop and listen to what is in the minds of the customers who make our jobs possible.


At our Operations open house this weekend, we were happy to welcome a group of homeowners to meet and interact with our team all in an effort to make sure that our working relationship is clear, effective, and rewarding.

This gathering is one of several over the course of the year all using candid customer engagement as our compass for consistency and evolution.


If you ever visit our careers page, you’ll see that we work hard in our training and recruiting processes to highlight listening skills and natural hospitality…if those skills are there we can train the rest. By investing in the folks that work at Twiddy & Company, we are able to offer guest and owner experiences like no other.


We thank those homeowners who visited with us on Saturday during a busy holiday weekend, and we look forward to more events and moments like this one.


We are at our best when we are listening to one homeowner and guest at a time no matter how many homes we have. Exceptional Outer Banks homes deserve exceptional rental management.


Clark Twiddy is the President of Twiddy & Company. He is impressed by the Operations and Owner Services teams’ efforts throughout the year, and their drive to listen and improve. He appreciates the conversations he had with Twiddy Homeowners at the Operations Open House this past Saturday.

Twiddy & Company

Twiddy & Company

Oct 09, 2018

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