Jan 02, 2020

New Year, New OBX Beach Vacation To Plan

Why You Should Book Your OBX Beach Vacation in January

Why You Should Book Your OBX Beach Vacation in January


With the new year upon us, as a Company, we took a few days to celebrate the holidays and then come back to work ready to commit to an important outcome: your next Outer Banks vacation. With winter weather in full swing, we’re all dreaming of long Outer Banks beach days with warm sand between our toes. 


That outcome – the one we are so excited about this time of year – is very simple. It’s to help you make the right decision in terms of a vacation with your loved ones. Our tools are homes and phones this time of year, but our job is helping you find the perfect location to have happy moments with your family.

Twiddy Office

We’re ready on the web. Our local team of in-house programmers, in-house data analysts, in-house graphic designers, and in-house search engine planners have been working together for years now to make sure our innovative website is easy to find, fast to shop, and simple to understand. Our website is intended to be location-driven, concise, accurate, and easy to share. We want our beach house options to be crystal clear in their value, amenities, and cost.

Guest hospitality

We’re ready on the phones (800-489-4339). When you call us, someone local in Duck or Corolla is answering the phone. We don’t outsource hospitality. The person who quickly answers your call drove down Duck Road this morning, has probably lived here for some time, maybe dropped off their kids at school on the way to the office, is well trained, has good health insurance, and knows that it is their job to help you make important vacation decisions. Call us for anything you wonder about – we’re always ready to share what we locals know of the Outer Banks. We won’t give you a hard sell or an upsell – our job is to help you do what you want to do. Upon your arrival, the same folks on the phones in the winter are the same folks welcoming you at the front counters in the summer.


We’re ready via text (252-888-2598), email, and in-person too. We know that smart people like to engage in good business in their own way rather than have to follow a playbook. We can communicate with you in virtually any way you prefer quickly, accurately, and with the same hospitality you’d get as if you were standing in our Duck office talking to Mitzi or Krystina (they’re there now).

We’re busy preparing our beach houses for your arrival. We’re working hard this time of year to make sure that homes are being maintained, updated, photographed, double-checked, and presented well to make your vacation planning as easy and simple as possible. The same folks who work on these homes in the winter are the same people who quickly arrive to help, should you need it, in the summer.


What’s Our Goal?

To help you as you think about the right home for your family and the best things to do once you’re here. We are here to help make that decision easy, worry-free, and simple so that you can get on with the fun stuff of getting excited, inviting loved ones, and imagining sand between your toes.

Family Beach Vacation

Kelly Collins

Kelly Collins

Jan 02, 2020

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