Aug 30, 2018

It’s National Beach Day!

Our favorite day of the year to celebrate has arrived, National Beach Day! There’s no better place to celebrate than on the Outer Banks.

Our favorite day of the year to celebrate has arrived, National Beach Day! August 30th holds a special place in the hearts of beach lovers since it first began in 2014. This holiday was started to help draw attention to the importance of keeping beaches clean and safe for all to enjoy. Keeping our beaches clean has become a major focus in today’s world. Pollution and litter cause avoidable deaths of ocean animals. This can be easily prevented by simply cleaning up after yourself after a long day at the beach. An easy task to complete in exchange for a glistening, unpolluted ocean and extensive, spotless beaches!

Here on the Outer Banks, the various beach experiences are extensive. Whether you and your party are in search of a beach surrounded conveniently by shopping centers and restaurants, or you are in search of the uninterrupted, all natural experience at the 4×4 beaches up north. The opportunities are endless on the Outer Banks.

Corolla Wild Horses

Escape all signs of the real world as you travel to the northern 4×4 beaches. Explore and find the wild horses who inhabit this seemingly endless stretch of beach. You will need a four-wheel drive vehicle and to lower your tire pressure to 18-20 psi to prevent getting stuck while adventuring! The 4×4 beaches are something that people should not miss out on, as you immerse yourself in a pure beach experience, escaping the hustle and bustle of reality.

Roll off of the sand and back to the paved road. You will find the beautiful, quaint town of Corolla. The beaches in Corolla still hold the all-natural feel of old Outer Banks. Calm waters are ideal for swimming. Watch for dolphins as they frolic in the waves. There are two public beach accesses in town with shower and restroom facilities convenient for day trippers to enjoy day at the beach or while you wait for your vacation home on check-in day. The beach is wide open here. Large groups still have plenty of space to relax and enjoy vacation time. Need a break from the sun? Locally owned shops and restaurants are only a short drive or bike ride away.

Currituck Lighthouse

Take Highway 12 South and find yourself in the town of Duck. Home to waterfront shops, soundside activities, and breathtaking sound to ocean views. The private beaches here in Duck prove to be the perfect, serene place to enjoy a good book or spend quality time with friends and family. Step off the beach and watch the sun melt away over the water from the soundfront shops and restaurants; the perfect way to end a Duck beach day!

As we venture to Southern Shores, we find more signs of shops and restaurants, as well as uncrowded beaches! Residents and renters are provided with parking and access to the 4-mile stretch of beach. Lack of public parking gives the beach a more private and peaceful feel. With bike paths lining the street, a trip to the ocean is simply a trail away! Southern Shores remains home to a more intimate beach experience with friends and family should you choose to rent a home in this beautiful community.

Making our way down the coast, we run into Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills, the ultimate action-packed beaches! Known for having larger waves, this will be a surfer’s paradise. Some days, we find surfers and skimboarders taking over the ocean. Everyone wants a shot at the action! The waves here can get relatively large, so be mindful of the beach rules for your safety. When a red flag is flying, the current is strong and beach-goers are prohibited from swimming. Surfers, don’t forget that a leash is required if you are planning on taking advantage of the waves here! Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills provide the ultimate beach day for those looking for an upbeat adventure!

Next stop on our journey is Nags Head! This long stretch of beach is known by many by the mileposts rather than street names. A beach nourishment project in 2011 expanded this beach, creating a wider shoreline and more space for families to take advantage of. This town is full of delicious restaurants just off the beach. Relax after a long day spent in the sun. Head over to Jockey’s Ridge State Park. Take in the towering sand dunes, which offer a panoramic view of sound to ocean!

For those vacationers looking to switch it up, consider taking a day trip to the beautiful island of Ocracoke. Isolated from the mainland, those wishing to make the journey here will have to take a ferry to arrive! Everyone should experience this magical place. It is believed that the famous pirate, Blackbeard, shipwrecked his beloved ship, The Queen Anne’s Revenge, off the coast here. Spend the day exploring all that Ocracoke has to offer, from wild horses to the beautiful Ocracoke Lighthouse. And of course the beach! Nothing comes between you and the secluded, tranquil beach here. Enjoy nothing but the sun, rolling waves, stretch of sand, and one another’s company. The trip to the alluring island of Ocracoke is one that vacationers will not regret, a beach experience like no other!

The Outer Banks is home to a variety of beach options, suitable for every member of the family. Whether you are feeling adventurous, ready to explore or ready to relax on the beach without a care in the world, one of the many beaches here will meet all of your vacation needs. We hope that August 30th is spent the right way. Go explore the beautiful beaches here on the Outer Banks!

And if you didn’t get to spend this National Beach Day on the Outer Banks, it’s never too early to book a trip for next year.

Jeep on Beach

Twiddy & Company

Twiddy & Company

Aug 30, 2018

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