Jul 05, 2021

“Memories of the Currituck Outer Banks: As Told by Ernie Bowden” by Clark Twiddy

The Outer Banks’ Journey from Isolation to Popularity is Recalled With Remarkable Insight by a Sixth-Generation Outer Banker

“Memories of the Currituck Outer Banks: As Told by Ernie Bowden” details the transformation of the Outer Banks from a remote coastal landscape to the popular vacation destination that it is today. At the book’s core are Ernie’s memories of the area, recorded in 2010 and now shared formally by author Clark Twiddy. 

Today, the Outer Banks welcomes millions of visitors each year as a premier vacation destination, but in the time of The Wright brothers, the area was painfully remote. Ernie Bowden, a sixth-generation Outer Banker, recalls the Outer Banks’ journey with remarkable insight, from early isolation to its current popularity. 

author clark twiddy
Author Clark Twiddy

Ernie was born on the Currituck Outer Banks just after the end of World War I, and on any given day, he was a sailor, cattle baron, salvage specialist, hunter, fisherman, legal expert, and elected official all at once. His memories stretch from the Outer Banks’ isolation during the early twentieth century through the glamor of the world-famous duck clubs of the area and the storms that have impacted its modern-day geography. Assisted by author Clark Twiddy, Ernie tells the tales of a unique life spent in this unique place. 

Ernie’s stories include elaborate details and descriptions of the Currituck Outer Banks the way it was and its evolution to its current state. There are also many entertaining stories that are sure to make you smile. From the role of Wash Woods Station in the infamous 1962 Ash Wednesday storm that caused devastating flooding on the Outer Banks, to an 804-pound hog named Arnold. There’s even an entertaining story about a stubborn buffalo bull that used to wander from his pasture on the 4×4 beaches all the way down to Corolla Light


Memories of the Currituck Outer Banks: As Told by Ernie Bowden

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Clark Twiddy’s new book is available at all major bookstores, as well as many locations throughout the Outer Banks, including the stores below. 

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Courtney Wisecarver

Courtney Wisecarver

Jul 05, 2021

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