January’s Friendly Pet of the Month

Abbie - january pet of the month

Doggy Daydream

Have you ever wondered what your dog dreams about? We have an idea! We think they’re running down a beautiful beach with the wind blowing through their fur. Or perhaps they’re licking up a delicious pup-cone alongside their favorite people. With so many pet-friendly rentals, dog-friendly beaches, and pup-tastic OBX activities, the Outer Banks makes it incredibly easy to bring those dreams into reality! Each month, we’re highlighting animals that demonstrate exactly why the OBX is the most paw-some vacation destination.

Pet of the Month Banner - Abbie
Abbie - January pet of the month

January’s Friendly Pet of the Month

Let us introduce you to Abigail, January’s pet of the month! Adopted from a shelter in 2020, this four-and-a-half-year-old girl is now living her best life in Michigan. In the time since her adoption, Abbie has made leaps and bounds. Not only is she a champion snuggler and the #1 fan of belly rubs, but she’s also won the role of matriarch amongst her family. Abbie is the perfect combination of sassy, stubborn, and sweet, positioning her at the head of the household (rightfully so).

Abbie - January pet of the month

Splashin’ Through Life

Abbie has taken full advantage of this wonderful new life with her furever family. She’s gone so far as to travel the country with them! From the freshwater lakes of the midwest to the salty ocean of the southern coast, Abbie has splashed through it all. Perhaps one of her favorite adventures has been exploring the Outer Banks! Running around the sunny beaches of Kill Devil Hills and cooling off in nearby Colington Creek are just a couple of highlights from Abbie’s trip.

Abbie - pet of the month

While Abigail enjoys exploring the United States, there’s nothing she loves more than her family. — And her parents feel the same.

“It’s been amazing to see her come out of her shell. When we got her from the rescue she was scared and in poor health. Since then she’s become a healthy, loving, adventurous dog. We couldn’t imagine our family without her!”

Thank you so much to Abbie’s mom and dad for sharing her story with us!

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Laurel Burgam

Laurel Burgam

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