Nov 04, 2019

Vacation Essentials: Family, Food, Fire

Three Outer Banks Vacation Fundamentals

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One of the reasons we think about a vacation so much is that it’s an opportunity to revive and indulge our senses that have been dulled by a long winter. Research shows anticipation of an event produces many of the same health effects as a vacation itself!


When taste and smell come to mind, so does something that many families enjoy; good food over a grill. A family, a fire, and food are central themes for thousands of families on the Outer Banks over the summer.

A fire overlooking the water is in some sense a primal affirmation of nature and sustenance. We can make breakfast, lunch, and dinner over a grill. With that being said, there is no better place on earth than to stand over a hot grill on a summer day.

grill by the ocean

The availability of fresh Outer Banks seafood, fresh as in yesterday or even the same day, is simply spectacular.

Here’s a secret: Fresh seafood doesn’t actually need much complexity to prepare. A beginner can hit a home run! Olive oil, salt, fresh ground pepper and a hot grill are usually the keys to success. For example, fresh tuna steaks drizzled with fresh-pressed olive oil, results in a meal that your family will talk about for years to come. A minute or two on each side and you have yourself something gourmet to share with your family.


Steaks on a hot grill, ice-cold drinks, the laughter of children, and overlooking the ocean are what dreams are made of. Keep in mind, a grill is a great way to teach your kids how to cook something the way your parents or grandparents taught you.

Furthermore, fresh vegetables are easily accessible. There are several stands along the road where you can pick up fresh from the field vegetables. Throw them on the grill alongside that fish or steak! The heat actually helps release some more flavor. Wow, there’s not a better meal being served anywhere in the state.

grilled corn

Here around the 4th of July? Participate in the royal tradition of fresh “sweet” corn on the grill. Shuck a bit of the husk away, clear the “corn cotton”, and place the corn right on the grill for a few minutes. Remove from the heat, let rest about a minute, and remove the rest of the husk. Next, drizzle it with either fresh olive oil or some butter, along with salt and pepper. Don’t eat this one inside! Put your feet in the breeze (or even the water) and savor the finest corn on the Earth. Hint for the professional: Pick up an ice-cold growler of fresh, delicious, independent, North Carolina beer at one of several good spots around town to go truly local.

Some things change, and others don’t.  The blessing and joy of an outdoor meal along the water with loved ones is a moment in time to cherish. So it was in the beginning, and it will be in the end.

Pair Your Grilled Food With a Cold Beer

The Outer Banks is fortunate enough to have tasty craft beers, brewed right here on the OBX. OBX breweries and beer stores have the tastiest beers around to pair with your grilled fare.

Brew Thru

Kelly Collins

Kelly Collins

Nov 04, 2019

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