Jun 25, 2024

Discover Corolla: The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt

Challenge the entire family to an OBX adventure!

Embark on an OBX expedition with our Corolla scavenger hunt! We put together a scavenger hunt full of stretches of golden beaches, historic villages, local eateries, and wildlife! In no time, you’ll feel like a true local! Whether you’re a history buff, a nature enthusiast, or simply seeking relaxation, you will love every twist and turn that Corolla offers.

How to play?

The rules are simple!

  1. Divide into groups and bring your camera. You’ll be snapping photos at each location!
  2. Decide your duration time. Challenge the family to a few hours or take longer.
  3. The first team that finishes is declared the winner and gets bragging rights. Everyone can claim a prize at the end!

Banana Dog Cafe

Start your scavenger hunt with a pick-me-up! Banana Dog Cafe is perfect for a refreshing cup of coffee. We love the “Dixie Girl”.

Can you spot the statue of Corolla’s majestic four-legged friend?

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund

The Corolla Wild Horses are protected and supported by the Corolla Wild Horse Fund. Learn a fun fact to memorize and share with the family at the end! If you plan to visit the 4×4, be sure to ask a team member about the best ways to admire and support the horses from afar.

Your next location is close by. Where can stories be found?

Island Book Store

Snap a photo of your favorite book cover! Can you find your next beach read?

Your next location hint: Where nature’s bright colors bloom.

The Corolla Garden

The Corolla Garden is full of colorful flowers and buzzing bees. Snap a picture of a pink flower!

Can you see your next location? Where mouthwatering smells last.

Corolla Village BBQ

The Corolla Village BBQ is the perfect lunch spot! With tangy flavors and a charming atmosphere, you’ll want to come back for more! Do you have a favorite side?

Your next location is steps away. Seek where students learn!

Corolla School House

Did you know that the Corolla School House is not only a historical Corolla landmark but is still used as a public school?

Your next location is close by. Where adventure resides by the sound!

Coastal Explorations

Explore the beautiful sound with Coastal Explorations, kayak style! Book a guided sunset tour for the full experience.

Towering in the sky is a beacon of light, shining where the sea meets the night!

Currituck Beach Lighthouse

Welcome to the heart of Historic Corolla! Climb to the top of the Currituck Beach Lighthouse, where the light continues to flash today. Enjoy the panoramic views of the Currituck Sound and Atlantic Ocean. Did you know there are five OBX lighthouses? Check out our Guide to OBX Lighthouses to learn more.

Can you spot something big and yellow?

The Whalehead Club

Nestled on the Currituck Sound, this bold yellow mansion-turned-museum is the perfect place to get lost in history! Can you count how many rooms it has? Snap a silly pose in front of the Whalehead Club.

Where Outer Banks wildlife and history are explored is your next location!

Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education

The Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education is the perfect place for all ages who love nature and animals. Take a fun fact with you to share with the rest of the family at the end.

Navigate the seas and coastal knowledge at your next location.

Photo provided by the Currituck Maritime Museum

Currituck Maritime Museum

The Currituck Maritime Museum focuses on the restoration of boats and rich maritime history. Challenge yourself to tie a boat knot and capture the memory.

Next, find yourself among the ocean tides. There are many public beach accesses close by!

Twiddy Blue Truck

But first, can you spot a Twiddy Blue truck? Snap a photo of one! Wave at our field technicians cruising along.

 Beaches of Corolla

Calling all beachcombers!  Can you find at least three types of seashells? Check out our Guide to Shelling on the Outer Banks to win against the rest of the family. Find a sandcastle and snap a photo.

Still having fun? Where the grass is green, Look for a hole-in-one!


Corolla Grass Course

Challenge the family to a game of mini golf. The Corolla Grass Course is a 20-hole, all-natural grass course that the entire team will enjoy.

As the Corolla Scavenger Hunt draws to an end, a big blue chair with your loved ones is the best way to spend.

The Corolla Office

Capture the memory with a photo of your team at the Twiddy blue chair! Meet the rest of the family to claim the winning team and share fascinating facts from the day!

You can find your prize inside where guests and friends are greeted.

Not ready for the adventure to end?

Not ready to leave the coastal charm of Corolla? Grab a drink and relax with the entire family at the Corolla Beer Garden. We recommend the Boozy Berry!

Share your Corolla Scavenger Hunt!

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Mali Goebel

Mali Goebel

Jun 25, 2024

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